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This dark roast is a signature, post-roast blend of Single Origin beans. It's bold with a full body and low acidity. 

We wanted to create a roast that has the notes of a traditional dark coffee but retains some of the unique flavor, found in our White Gold (woodsy/grassy).  The result is Blacklisted. You can still pick up the nutty, woodsy flavors and the flavor experience is quite remarkable.  Your mouth will thank you. 

Suggested use: For a bold Caveman Coffee Blend, use this roast. Add cacao butter or your favorite spice to your lipid mix for a real paleo treat. (See our recipe page for specific Caveman ideas) 

Note: Before your daily grind, be sure to shake your bag. The lighter beans are heavier and sink to the bottom. 

Monthly subscription available! Shipping rates already added in for overall savings to you!




The unique flavor, color, and quality of this bean are achieved through a one of a kind roasting process, never used before. The result is a coffee that's almost white. It's light, creamy, nutty and perfect for mixing with your favorite fats (butter/coconut cream/ MCT).

White Gold also has the added benefit of chlorogenic acid, characteristic of green coffee, which includes anti-inflammatory properties as well as promoting fat loss by regulating the glucose levels in your system. 

The overall process, from growing to roasting, ensures the highest level of quality and sustainability, earning this coffee the UTZ and Rainforest Certification. The roasters are also part of the highly-selective Specialty Coffee Association.


We set out to create the perfect roast that pairs with high quality fats in a Caveman Style beverage (see our recipe page). Working with an elite roasting team, we created the White Gold. It is roasted only enough to extract the water. The oils in the bean are roasted as little as possible and the result is a nutty and woodsy/grassy flavor.


Intended for brew in a french press or as espresso, including in an Aero Press. Drip machines are not an ideal way to brew this coffee because it does not have time to steep and extract the essence of the bean.



Increase energy - increase stamina - boost metabolism - improve & sustain digestive health - mental clarity - increase nutrient absorption - weight loss. These are just a few benefits from taking MCT oil regularly. 

MCT are easily digested, absorbed, and used as energy for the body. Adding this to your diet can increase your energy, stamina and performance. Consuming MCT with other supplements and food can help the absorption of those nutrients. 

MCT oil is colorless and virtually odorless.  It is liquid at room temperature and very stable due to the high content of medium chain triglycerides, Caprylic (C8) and Capric (C10). 

We recommend using it the following ways: 
- Blend with your coffee and grass fed butter. 
- Add to your protein shake or cold pressed juice
- Take with fish oil
- Take a teaspoon - tablespoon a day by itself for digestive health

Caveman MCT is made from coconut oil and is sustainably raised. 

Great research on MCT is found here.

Caveman Coffee Co. MCT oil is sourced sustainably and is derived 100% from coconuts. We have made a choice to cut out Palm Oil MCT entirely. We believe in sustaining our environment and preserving the life in our rain forests. Speak with your dollars and enjoy the amazing health benefits of MCT oil. 


Cacao Butter

Cacao Butter is the fat from the inside of a Cacao Bean. It is among the most stable fats on earth and has great antioxidant qualities. It can be consumed to add a decadent chocolate flavor and texture without the sugar and stimulants found in dark chocolate. Cacao Butter can be mood-boosting and energizing. It can also be used on your skin as a moisturizer. So go ahead, rub it all over your body. No one will judge.  8 oz.

We recommend this recipe: 

Caveman Mocha:
1 pot of Caveman Coffee (or press)
4 to 5 Tablespoons of grass-fed butter
3 Tablespoons of MCT oil (did someone say, "MCT oil?")
2 Tablespoons of Cacao Butter
Stevia to Taste

Combine ingredients in your favorite blending device and blend for 45 seconds on high. Enjoy a creamy, frothy mocha with none of the guilt or sugar crash! PR city!


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